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The housing complex consists of three apartment houses located on the territory of 7300 m2, in Karay-Oy settlement on the coast of the wonderful clear lake Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan). Two kilometers far from the regional center Chalpan-Ata, 800 meters from the coast of the lake.

Issyk-Kul lake is well-known and is popular as a vacation place of All-union value since Soviet times due to exclusively favorable ecology for human health. The water of the lake reminds seawater by its mineralization, but it is much softer. After aerating it tastes like well-known mineral waters.

The lake is located on 1700 m height above the sea level in the gorge between Tjan-Shan mountain crests stretching from Kazakhstan up to China. Mountain height reaches 4500 meters. The tops are covered by snow-white eternal glaciers, it creates surprisingly beautiful landscape with green gardens. The length of the lake reaches 200 km, width - 60 km, depth more than 700 meters!.

The housing complex is located on the left coast approximately in the middle between the extreme points of the lake, where a number of holiday hotels and rest houses is concentrated.

Nearby to a complex the old and new Issyk-Kul airports are located, which had the message almost with all territory of the USSR down to Baltic (up to 26 planes were accepted daily) in the Soviet times. Now a reconstruction of the new airport (25 km from the complex), capable to accept supersize planes TU and IL, is held with the help of Russia. Within the last years Kirghizstan government laid the shortest road (75 km) through Tjan-Shan northern ridge Issyk-Kul - Alma-Ata, the distance to Bishkek from the complex is 240 km, there is also a direct route to northern China passing by the lake. Such location makes Issyk-Kul extremely attractive for vacation and investments.

Recently the stable rise of prices on the real estate is outlined, the construction of holiday hotels, sanatoria and cottage settlements is being held by foreign investors. All the ground of a coastal zone of the lake is already privatized and sold, distributed for construction projects. At the same time objects of the real estate similar in equipment and comfort to the offered complex do not exist on Issyk-Kul.

The complex consists of three houses with the area of 498 m2, 173 m2 and 60 m2 (a small guest house). The construction of the complex was begun in 2000, finished in 2005.

The main house is a complex multi level construction with a large pool of 25 m2 volume in the bottom level of the house, with a sauna (up to 120 degrees Celsius in an hour) coated by a silvery poplar, a rest zone on two different levels. The pool consists of three bowls isolated from each other where it is possible to keep different temperatures and due to it to receive especially refined pleasure from water procedures.

It is possible to get on a ground floor of the house in a drawing room, a dining room and outside to the open-air pool from internal pool. The open-air pool (96 m3) is a figured complex with a cape and different levels of the bottom trimmed with blue mosaic. Five depth levels, complex and picturesque relief makes the rest especially pleasant and unforgettable. The pool has an automatic filtration and a water addition.

The beautiful orchard is situated further behind the pool. It includes more than 75 trees such as Tjan-Shan fur-tree, Crimean pine-tree, blue fur-tree, mowed rich green grass lawns and flower beds. Places for rest are hiding in the shadows of trees.

Modern tennis court is located behind the garden on the way to a small guest house. It is 18m*36m in size and has a professional green covering (an artificial grass (Indonesia)).

The territory of a complex is equipped by footpaths and passages for cars, executed of stone blocks and natural stone. Several indoor parking places and some outdoor are stipulated. It is possible to place comfortably more than 12 cars.

Cold and hot water supply, both from central sources and from own chink, is stipulated on the complex territory. Room heating is carried out by the system of warm floors with a heating cable DEVI. There is an independent water warming.

The walls are executed of brick in monolithic constructions, seismic protection of 9 points is stipulated. The walls are trimmed by finishing brick, internal furnish is executed from import finishing materials in modern design style. The windows are made of double-glazed window, plastic REHAU (Germany). The doors are of natural wood. The furniture of the rooms is of import manufacture. The rooms are equipped by televideoequipment and sanitary engineering of import manufacture.

Five bedrooms, four bathrooms, large kitchen - dining room and a drawing room occupy almost all the second floor of the main house. Owner's bedroom, a nursery, guest rooms with loggias and mezzanines are located on the third floor. All the fourth floor is planned as a uniform rest zone with billiards, an exercise room, loggias and balconies with stained-glass windows and a remarkable view on mountains, gardens and lake. The fifth floor is executed as an open-air rest zone on the roof of the house where it is possible to relax and to have a pleasure of the clear mountain air and the views.

All the floors are connected by a wide spiral staircase which leads to the tower with narrow high windows and comfortable automatic illumination.

Продаёт собственник +7 912 241 25 98
+7 912 684 21 66