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Elite house on Issyk-Kul lake Elite house
on Issyk-Kul lake
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Site Design Ekaterinburg - D1.ru

Site Design Ekaterinburg
Design-studio D1.RU

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Sea view. Yalta A magnificent view out of the windows on the sea in three sides, the big fireplace.

  The design and furnish are executed under the project of the professional designer in quiet, classical style. With application of panels, columns and fully overlay elements and details of natural oak with incrustation. The application of expensive furnishing elements of natural wood and stone makes the building modern at any time and even more expensive year after year . Three bedrooms with isolated bathrooms, wardrobe, magnificent views on the sea and mountains. In two bedrooms and a hall of the second floor there are balconies with the view on the sea, forest and mountains.

bathrooms yalta Three isolated bathrooms, wardrobe.

Large hall, a cabinet.

A room for guests with isolated bathroom, a separate entrance to the kitchen and to the dining room.

Dining-drawing room House Yalta Dining-drawing room with a big fireplace decorated by brick and natural stone, with mezzanines and a view on the sea.

The mansard floor is equipped for rest, entertainments and sports - with billiards, trainers and balcony.

Doors are made of natural oak with incrustation.

The ladder is trimmed by steps, handrails and panels of natural oak.

Oak floor of block parquet. The parquet in sleeping rooms is made of gentle beech, it creates a special microclimate of the rooms. In imperial palaces the floor of the childrens rooms was made of beech only.

The floor in all rooms and on all floors includes the system of water heating.

 .  Windows are double-glazed, window sills are made of marble, radiators - of aluminium, of import manufacture with pressure regulation.

Rooms are arranged by expensive Italian furniture of classical style of natural wood. Are equipped by individual split-central airs, in each room individually.
All rooms in the house have telephones, video-equipment which is integrated in the security system of the complex. It includes 22 cameras. There is an allocated Internet line.

Mezzanines presented as castles towers brighten up the interior of rooms by large windows, make them lighter, more spacious, fill with air and light. Give special house cosiness by nonlinearity, non-standard lines and niches.

 It is built of aseismic monolithic ferro-concrete frame constructions with mixed filling: brick or local building material - cockleshell. Glassing from metal-plastic constructions. Facade furnishing - plaster, ceramogranite, marble, granite. Roof material - metal-tile. Gardening project is executed by experts of Nikitskii botanical garden. Total area of the house - 481 m2, of the plot - 2323 m2, of the decorative garden - 18,42 m2.

Owner's contacts +7 912 241 25 98
+7 912 684 21 66